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But Before I Share More About The Challenge… Let Me Introduce Myself.

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I was the “brains” behind the digital strategy for the fastest-growing 
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And within just 2 years of deploying the strategy I’m about to share 
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“Whoa! Big claim there Alejandro…”

Look, I get it.

There’s a whole lot of information running rampant online
when it comes to 'how to grow your business online.'

You see…

Most “experts” out there will tell you to create MORE content.

More Tweets...
More Toks...

More Instagram posts and Facebook Lives...


So, eager business owners strap on their combat boots…

Block out a day on their calendar...

Spend one day creating six months worth of content…

Then, they spend the next six months wondering why they
hear nothing but crickets from their audience!

This is what I call the “Shotgun Approach”...

And all it does is wear down already busy business owners…

Without building the type of authority in their niche that they’re 
endlessly chasing.

But it gets worse...

These Same Business Owners Create Content That Starts to Accidentally Work Against Them!

Back when social media was new…
This “Shotgun Approach” used to work pretty well.

But times have changed…

And so have the algorithms…

Which means what previously worked is now as outdated as print magazines and paper maps.

Here’s what I mean:

We both know that trying to be everything to everyone at the same time is the quickest way to serve no one, right?

So by creating social profiles of generic content that gets littered all across social media…

Audiences start to tune out...

And they move on to content that speaks directly to them and their problems.

Just look at any “influencer” with 200,000 followers who only gets 3 comments on a post…

And you’ll notice that the size of their following typically has nothing to do with how much impact they’re having on their audience.

The good news?

There’s a simple fix.

I call it the “Magnetic Influence Effect”...

Because it’s the fastest way I’ve found to amplify your message, increase your influence, and grow a wildly profitable audience…

Even if you’re starting from scratch...

And I want to pull-back-the-curtain and share it with you for free!

In Just 7 Days, I Want To Hold Your Hand And Help You Unlock The “Magnetic Influence Effect” In Your Business!

In the Audience From Scratch Challenge, I’m going to show you how to go from a “blank slate” to becoming known as an instant authority in your niche.

And if you already have an existing audience?

The “Magnetic Influence Effect” works even better!

During the challenge, we’ll be covering:

  • How to find the perfect ‘magnetic content’ that attracts the best
    buyers to your business

  • Why taking a ‘less is more’ approach creates a win-win for you and
    your prospects
  • The secret to creating content that “stops the scroll” and get your
    true fans to take action

I’ll even show you proven examples that took my clients from being a “best-kept secret” to becoming their industry’s go-to choice to buy from.

And you can do all of this…

Even if you’re shy…

Don’t consider yourself overly “interesting”...

And without an existing audience.

Are you starting to see how powerful that can be?

By The End Of The Challenge, You’ll Have A Simple System For Turning Complete Strangers Into Raving Fans Who Buy From You Today, Tomorrow, And For Years To Come!

Imagine what it will feel like to have magnetic content that works for you around-the-clock…

Turning complete strangers that you’ve never talked to…

Into valuable leads and sales for your business.

Even better...

Think about building a skillset that helps you create influential content...

For days… weeks… months… and years to come…

Even if you don’t dedicate hours to “gaming” the algorithms.

A strategy that’s simple, scalable, and works like gangbusters to grow a profitable audience from scratch.

So, if you’re starting to understand the importance of unlocking the “Magnetic Influencer Effect” in your business…

And you’re excited to master the art of audience building...

There’s only one question left:

Time Is A Factor!

Since this is a LIVE challenge…

It’s important to get signed up as soon as possible.

We’ll be following a strict daily schedule to ensure that all challengers stay
on-track and complete the entire challenge.

So, if you’re ready to build your audience from scratch…
And become the go-to, trusted authority in your niche...

Just click the button below and sign up for the challenge today!

See you inside,

Alejandro Reyes

P.S. The 7 Day “Audience From Scratch” Challenge is starting on July 14th. If you’re ready to learn how to grow your influence and income online, make sure to register today and claim the free bonuses I’m handing out for joining!

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About Alejandro Reyes
Alejandro Reyes has 15+ years of proven leadership in the area of online strategy and digital marketing where he's focused on Facebook + Instagram advertising , content marketing, and launching digital courses. 

His most recent success is building the digital strategy that took a $10m startup to over $100m in 2 years. 

Alejandro is the CEO of Digital Napkin, a revenue growth agency designed to help Christian Entrepreneur start, grow and scale their digital course businesses. 

"There are a lot of people that proclaim to be a 'social media expert,' but the fact of the matter is that Alejandro actually is one! For starters, he takes massive action and implements the latest and greatest tools...He builds a large niche following and leads them to take action on something specific."

Lewis Howes, Best-selling Author and Host of the School of Greatness Podcast.

"I consider Alejandro Reyes one America's FOUNDING FATHERS of Social media brilliance, nobody has helped me more."

Scott Hagan, Pastor and President of Northcentral University

Alejandro is a maestro of marketing and his results are world class. 
 I watched him engineer his own social media marketing service to becoming his city's most sought after social media expert. 

Justin Brooke, Founder of AdSkills